Voice Recognised Personal Assistant - JARVIS 2017

Event Date & Time: 28/07/2017 - 29/07/2017
Website: http://ieiace.sciencotonic.com
College: Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Hosur (Autonomous)
Department: Any Degree,B.Tech Information Technology,B.E Computer Science Engineering,B.E Mechanical,B.E Mechatronics,B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering,B.E Aeronautical Engineering,B.E Civil,B.E Instrumentation Engineering,B.E Electronics and Communications,B.E Automobile Engineering,B.E - B.Tech,Other
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Krishnagiri
Category: Workshop

Full Details:

During the Two Days workshop you will understand How a Voice Recognition works, How you can make a Robot or your House Synthesis a voice and Automate your Home.
After You Complete This workshop you will have a clear Idea on Automating Your Entire House, Building a Robot which can understand your voice and serve you based on your Program, A Cop who can understand what you speak, A Friend who can listen to you Etc.

Registration Fee:
3499. Per Team - EarlyBird - Till 8 July
4499. Per Team - Standard


* Registration should be done only as a Team.
* Each team should have five members.
* Each team is instructed to bring a Laptop with charger.
* Registration fee: Rs.3499 per team. (for early birds)
* After that registration fee will be Rs.4499
* The dead line for registration will be informed soon
* Payment for registration should be done only by the following ways,
By DD (Demand Draft)
By Cash Payment (For AERI Students Only)
By Online Transaction
By Debit card(An extra tax of 2.5% will be collected)
* Registration will be done only if the cash payment is done within two days from the day of register or else the registration will be cancelled.
* certificate will be given.
* Only limited teams are allowed, those who step before will get the first preference.
* If there is any shortage in team members we ensure that you will be helped.



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