Electrick : Your Ideas For Rural India

Event Date & Time: 03/02/2018 - 03/02/2018
Website: http://events.enggforum.com/Electrick-Ideas-for-Rural-India-Engineering-Forum/
College: Engineering Forum
Department: B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering,B.E Instrumentation Engineering,B.E Electronics and Communications
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Chennai
Category: Other

Full Details:

Send Project Details
1. Circuit Design
2. System Cost
3. Existing System
4. Your Proposed Project
5. Team Name & Member Details

Maximum 3 Member / Team
Deadline : 4th Decemeber 2017
Send Details : [email protected]

If Project Shortlisted?

1. Register your Seat
2. Rs. 500 / Member Fee [includes Certificates]
3. Present your Project
4. Winners Get Cash Prize + Certificates
Shortlisted Teams will be invited : 18th December 2017
Project Presentation Date : 3rd Feb 2018

Contact Us:
IITM Research Park, Tharamani, Chennai
[email protected]

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