International Conference on Civil, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering and Technologies ICCMCT 2018

Event Date & Time: 23/02/2018 - 24/02/2018
College: SVS College of Engineering
Department: B.Tech Information Technology,B.E Computer Science Engineering,B.E Mechanical,B.E Mechatronics,B.E Civil,B.E Automobile Engineering,B.E - B.Tech
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Coimbatore
Category: Conference

Full Details:

The ICCMCT 2018 is intended to act as a platform for academicians, research scholars and industrialists from different parts of the world to share their innovative thoughts and ideas in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering and technology fields. The conference will feature invited talks from eminent personalities, pre-conference tutorial/workshops and referred paper presentations. The vision of ICCMCT 2018 is to promote foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of the above areas in Engineering and Technology.

Important Dates:
Last date for paper submission: 30,November 2017
Notification of acceptance: 16,December 2017
Registration commencement: 16,December 2017
Camera ready paper submission: 22,January 2018
Registration deadline: 22,January 2018
Release of conference schedule: 03,February 2018

Registration Fee:

Indian Authors
Academic / Research Scholar: 4000 INR
Graduate Student: 3500 INR
Industry & Others: 5000 INR

Foreign Authors:
Academic / Research Scholar: $200
Graduate Student: $200
Industry & Others: $250

Mobile: +91 98438 56740 (Mech),+91 97915 47087 (Civil),+91 95669 77728 (Chemical)


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