IoT for Beginners

Event Date & Time: 24/11/2017 - 25/11/2017
College: Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology
Department: Any Degree,B.Tech Information Technology,B.E Computer Science Engineering,B.E Mechanical,B.E Mechatronics,B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering,B.E Aeronautical Engineering,B.E Civil,B.E Instrumentation Engineering,B.E Electronics and Communications,B.E Automobile Engineering,B.E - B.Tech
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Chennai
Category: Workshop

Full Details:

Two Days Hands-on training on
IoT for Beginners 24.11.2017 & 25.11.2017


Course Content

Day 1: Introduction & Getting Started with Arduino

Session 1:
Introduction to Embedded System
Embedded Systems in IoT
ATmega328, Arduino
Configuring Arduino IDE

Session 2:
Working with digital pins - Interfacing and configuration of LED, Buzzer and switches
Working with analog pins - Configuring ADC, potentiometers, serial communication, I2C interface for display

Day 2: Node MCU, Sensor, Actuator and Communication module interfacing

Session 1:
Node MCU Configuration
Sensors and actuators interfacing
- Moisture, Light, Flame, Temperature & Humidity, IR, PIR, Gas, Piezo Vibration, and Sound sensors, 3 axis accelerometer
- Actuators, GPS/GSM interfacing with Node MCU.

Session 2:
Web server using Node MCU
- HTML basics
- HTTP protocol concepts
- Configuring Node MCU as local web server
- Server / Client model configuration
- Analyzing sensor data using HTTP protocol remotely
- Controlling actuators using HTTP protocol remotely.

General Instructions
* This hands-on training is exclusively for the beginners in IoT (Preferably First Year Students of Engineering Colleges/ Universities)
* Hands on Sessions will be conducted as teams of three members and a practice hardware kit will be provided per team.
* Participants should bring their own laptop with latest OS (at least one laptop per team).
* Free accommodation will be provided to outstation participants on request (Restricted to 30 on first come first serve basis)

* Registration Fee: Rs. 1,000/- per Participant (Includes refreshment, lunch, practice hardware kit, training materials and certificate)
* Separate take away hardware kit is available with an additional payment of Rs.1000/- (includes Node MCU ESP8266 Development Board, Sensors and accessories)
* Payments can be made preferably through NEFT or DD drawn in favour of "Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology" payable at Chennai.
* Last date for registration is 15.11.2017, however the registration will be closed earlier if the seats are filled.

Address for Communication
The Coordinators,
Two Days Hands-On Training on IoT for Beginners
Centre for Internet of Things
Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology
Kuthambakkam, Chennai-600124.
E-mail ID : [email protected]
Mobile : +91 8124000750, 9444627953


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