International Research Awards in Engineering, Science and Management

Event Date & Time: 07/09/2018 - 08/09/2018
College: IOSRD
Department: Any Degree
State - District: Karnataka - Bokaro
Category: Conference

Full Details:

The IOSRD - International Organization of Scientific Research and Development instituted the scheme of Research Award with the aim of distinguishing Researchers of extraordinary Promise and creativity who have made notable research contributions in Science and Technology. This award has been solely managed and funded by IOSRD.

The International Research Awards on Engineering, Science & Management considered to be the highest recognition of promise, Creativity, and excellence in a Researcher is made annually to those distinguished for their research work.
List Of Awards:
o Distinguished Scientist Award (Non-financial)
o Young Scientist Award
o Lifetime Achievement Award
o Outstanding scientist award
o Women Research Award
o Best Researcher Award

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