152nd International Innovation Awards on Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics

Event Date & Time: 21/01/2019 09:00 AM - 22/01/2019 04:00 PM
Website: http://bit.ly/2R8e8tH
College: IOSRD
Department: Any Degree
State - District: Karnataka - Bokaro
Category: Conference

Full Details:

Innovation no more happens on demand. Innovation has become an integral part of the business, product, process, service, and lifestyle. It is believed that innovation is the change that unlocks new value. Innovation can only be nourished by creating environments for ideas to be developed. Awards are the symbol of Achievement, hard work, professional success, and personal goals reached. They are a motivation for many to reach for even higher levels of success. They provide a tangible reminder of what is possible. In order to IOSRD recognize and honor Achievers and their achievements, this prestigious awards ceremony is organized this year in 2019

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