International Conference on Advances in Materials Research

Event Date & Time: 06/12/2019 - 07/12/2019
College: Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
Department: Any Degree,B.Tech Information Technology,B.E Computer Science Engineering,B.E Mechanical,B.E Mechatronics,B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering,B.E Aeronautical Engineering,B.E Civil,B.E Instrumentation Engineering,B.E Electronics and Communications,B.E Automobile Engineering,B.E - B.Tech
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Erode
Category: Conference

Full Details:

International Conference on Advances in Materials Research (ICAMR) is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers working in the areas of basic and applied materials research. The main objective of ICAMR 2019 is to encourage the wide range of the applications towards the development of human society such as energy, instruments, construction, communications, ecology, environment, safety and thus contribute to societal well-being and prosperity. It will create a competent prospect for discussion of major issues related to advanced research in materials for their economic exploitation, long term conservation, new developments and imaginative uses. It also envisages global networking to inspire innovative research to provide solutions and drive systemic change. Further, eminent scientists across the globe will share their research and future scope for betterment of mankind.

01 - Submission of Full Paper 27.09.2019
02 - Intimation of Acceptance 15.10.2019
03 - Registration and Camera Ready Paper Submission 04.11.2019


For Industrialist
* National ₹ 6000
* International $ 100

For Academicians
* National ₹ 5500
* International $ 80

For Research Scholar and Students (UG & PG)
* National ₹ 5000
* International $ 70

For Proceeding in Conference only
* National ₹ 2000
* International $ 50

Limited accommodation is available within the campus and will be arranged on first come first serve basis.

Contact Us
Prof. N Bhuvanesh 6383524381
Prof. C Subramaniyan 9486360218


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