Biz-Laureate 2020

Event Date & Time: 21/02/2020 - 22/02/2020
College: Gnanam School of Business
Department: MBA
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Thanjavur
Category: College Fest

Full Details:

GSB has the legacy of organizing a Two Day National Level Mega Inter-Collegiate Management Meet called “BIZ LAUREATE” every year. The event fascinates the budding managers who undergo an MBA programme all over India to take part and prove their acumen with a competitive spirit. It is a prestigious event that provides an arena for young managers from various elite institutions to hone their managerial talent by taking part in this program. The healthy competition and a creative cosmos will surely enrich the students both personal and professional levels. The programme is intensively prepared and presented to set ablaze the burning desire that would take our heart to a zenith in the corporate world. The participants are expected to pour their head, heart, and hands-on the event to rejuvenate their talent. The pinnacle event of this Flagship Programme is “Excalibur - The Best Manager” in which the Winner will be decorated with Award and Reward. The event will also be exuberant with cultural events and management games by the GSBians to the participants to boost the zest and energy.

Event (A Participant can take part in only one event):
Cyber Conqueror(System club) - "Cyber Fiesta"
Emporia (Marketing Club) - "Armaggedon"
Finrostra (Finance Club) - "Beat the Street"
Opera Jaguars (Operations Club) - "Karalius Operantz"
L’Incarnate (HR club) - "Excalibur"

95858 81102
[email protected]


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