DAKSHA 2020 Management Fest

Event Date & Time: 21/02/2020 - 21/02/2020
Website: https://www.daksha20.in/
College: SSN School of Management
Department: B.E - B.Tech,MBA
State - District: Tamil Nadu - Chennai
Category: College Fest

Full Details:

SSN School of management is coming back in style with your Daksha 2020. A national level management symposium to bring out the best in you through a series of technical and non-technical events. Daksha is the perfect platform for all the aspiring managers and entrepreneurs to put their knowledge in action.GO FOR IT!

Sangram - B Quiz
Wor(l)d War III - Debate
Kautilya - Best Manager
Varthaka - Finance
Emporia - Marketing
Manusyata - HR
Gunaviyuga - Operations
Find the treasure - Treasure hunt
Adverteaser - ADZAP
Khel Dimag Se - IPL Bidding
Freeze the frames - Photography



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